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Commercial/Residential Maintenance & Repair

CS Maintenance and Home Repair is an LLC created by Roy "Sonny" Clark.  Sonny has 30 years experience and counting.  He started at the age of 15 rebuilding, remodeling, and generally maintaining his parent's and neighbor's homes.  He then started working in the industrial world as a machinist, in addition to going to school at Vatterott College vocational school for HVAC/Electrical.  This led  into a 10 year career as a Industrial Maintenance Specialist.  From there he made a career change working for the next 10 years as a Maintenance Facilities Manager at a commercial retail company.  He then became a foreman for a local handyman company that started his residential maintenance/repair course.  Realizing his true dream was operating a maintenance company of his own, he started this LLC May 9, 2016 and is living the dream.  Our business is here to serve any home or commercial business with maintenance/repair/remodel needs.  There is no request too small, we can help with anything.  

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